Wednesday, September 5, 2012

25 Weeks & an Awesome Giveaway!

So this week has been quick so far but absolutely amazing! We found out yesterday that the wiggly little rutabaga (that's the approximate size of baby for this point in the pregnancy @ 25 weeks) is a GIRL rutabaga!!! OH! We {mostly me} couldn't contain our excitement!  She's healthy and active and LOVES to suck on her big toe! I can't explain how amazing it was to SEE her move and watch her little tongue and fingers and toes!  It's overwhelmingly awesome and an incredible blessing!!! 

Also, they've moved up my expected due day a few days to December 20th! (Farther from Christmas! Wooo! Let's hope she agrees and doesn't want to have her birthday later!)

On the downside... Only to me, I suppose...I've gained more weight in the last 3 weeks since my last appointment than I have between appointments so far. (Which wasn't a ton, but I've never weighed so much in my life!) I'm apparently at a normal point, but it's definitely making me re-think all of the sweets I've been craving! I don't normally post a "bump" photo, but I've had several inquiries from the folks that live far away- so here's the one and only you're probably going to get until I get more professional photos done or figure out a much more tasteful way to do them myself with my photography skills, like this gal!

(Please excuse the AWFUL cell phone picture... I feel like I just took a duck-face photo, posting this...)

Here's some consolation for that awful photo- a sneak peak at what's inside that overgrown belly! {Chomping on her toe and everything!)

At the same time, we were finally able to "personalize" our baby registries we'd created! 
Yay for adding some girl things, and I don't even want to hear it for the supposed 'boy' things we've added! Not all girls need to be dressed in PINK! :P

Finally, last but not least, I came across this giveaway on that wonderful blog I mentioned just a bit ago- that I also wish I would have found MUCH sooner in this pregnancy process! It's for a non-traditionally styled playgym for baby from Finn & Emma. It was so adorable and so different I had to check it out! I want one for the little girl SO bad, now! Please check it out if you're interested or pass this on to someone you may know that would be!