Saturday, July 31, 2010

First shoot today!!

So begins the lovelys and mishaps journey... I have my first photo shoot today for the free sessions!

I pray everything goes well... and if it doesn't I pray I learn something from it!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 Spots left!

Hey-ya folks!

Just wanted to drop a reminder to everyone who might be interested in my free sessions! I have 5 spots left that I'm looking to schedule sometime in August or September. If anyone knows of a family, or a senior, or ANYONE who cant afford a session fee {normally about $150-300} send them my way!!

For this practice session, I'll only charge for prints!

The prices will be as follows:

$2 per 4x6
$5 per 5x7
$8 per 8x10
$5 per set of 8 wallets

{If you get one of each of those it's only a total of $20!!}

That's a steal folks! Also, there's no set package. You can create your own based on those prices!

{There will also be an option for collage prints of 5x7 and 8x10 sizes if anyone is interested}

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lake Mary Ronan ~ June 2009

These photo's were the product of some serious insomnia. It was 4:45 in the morning and it had been raining on and off all night. I slipped out of the cabin for a walk and didn't make it 10 feet before I literally RAN back inside for my camera. The lake was SO serene and the fog floating above the water was just perfect, I couldn't pass it up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amanda & Makenna ~ November 2009

This was a really fun day! As I remember, it was kinda chilly, but my cousin Mandy & her daughter Makenna braved the cold for this 'Mommy & Me' session!

Mak is 4 going on 14, full of spunk and such a ham for the camera. She's constantly keeping 'Manda on her toes, but this little girl obviously loves her momma something fierce, as you can see below!

Emily & Brad ~ March 20, 2009

SO, as promised, here are some more photo's of Emily & Brad's wedding! More photos from other things to come!

Watermark! Finally!

Okay... it's super simple, but I finally figured out how to put a semi-creative watermark on my photos! So beware! I'll be uploading all kinds in the next few days.
This was my first experiment though, my beautiful cousin Emily and her husband Brad on their wedding day!

{PS~ Thank you all for following me on this new adventure! It's awesome to have some love and support!!}

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Want a free session??

I've been scouring blog after blog getting ideas and trying to figure out if I really wanted to push this, and I think it's time I start!

Start what, you ask? Start a photography business on the side! I'm still job searching for a "day" job, but I'm getting antsy just sitting around waiting for my {moment} to jump in and get started. If anything, I'll have a blast and get some experience with what it's like and what it takes to run a business!

So I guess what I'm asking for is a little help! I'm looking for volunteers {in Missoula and surrounding areas} who would be willing to let me practice on them! Families, children, couples, seniors... anyone!

What You Get:A free photo session {normally a session fee costs anywhere from $150-300 alone! and that doesnt count editing /print prices!}. I would charge a small fee for prints, but this is miniscule compared to what you would see with a profesional photography business. I'm looking to do about 10 sessions at this point, on a first come-first served basis, so if you would like a session, or know of someone who would, please send them my way!

Leave a comment on here and I will get back to you as soon as I receive it!