Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not Slacking... Just Narrowing Down Ideas...

So I posted this self-inspiring blog post about how I was going to do a photo blog at least once a day to keep up my skills... And then I didn't post... SO... I'm not slacking, really.

The first day (Monday) I had the idea of taking photos of our pecan tree outside- so I did. And ended up with one semi-decent shot because the wind was blowing pretty hard... (And, I admit, I was standing outside in my pajamas...) So, this is what came of that:

What sparked that was Eric's dad visiting, and we discovered that our pecans are rotting from the inside out!? We knew they'd been falling and making ridiculously loud thumps on our tin roof in the middle of the night, but niether of us knows anything about cultivating a pecan tree or the signs that it might not be doing so well. 

So there they are in all of their green beauty. It's clear the leaves have seen better days- any pecan tree experts out there?

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Stay At Home Mom" Projects

I've decided, after all day moping around yesterday, boo-hooing about not having a structured schedule or work to make friends {whine whine whine}, and then missing a perfectly good photo opp this morning, that I need to make photo projects for myself. Either around the house, or around this cute little town. I'll make it a jump into photo journalism and it will keep my photo taking/editing skillZ up!

My would-have-been project for today should have been the random group of chickens that showed up in our back yard this morning. Not just a couple- a whole bunch! {After surveying the surrounding area, I think one of our next door neighbors has a chicken coop --> he let his chickens out --> they decided they like our back yard better than his perfectly manicured one... nbd.} 

Anyway. I'm doing this particular post so I have you folks to hold me accountable. I haven't made any acquaintances yet here- unless you count Eric's boss and his partner in all-things-marching-band {I don't so much, can you tell?}. 

ALSO- My brain is in pregnancy mode right now, so it ceases all normal function when I least expect it- so I could use some inspiration! So PLEASE, comment, comment, comment! I would love your ideas! I won't be using them in any particular order, and there's usually a method {very carefully, thought out, and orchestrated method} to my madness so bear with me if you submit something!

In the mean time, I'll leave you with this little gem:

This is one of my favorite memories of the Missoula Farmers Market. He's always out there with his accordion playing beautiful, italian-esque melodies. And always with a smile.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Mattix & Selah}

I've been blessed to see these precious kiddos grow over the last couple years and they are a hoot! :) So blessed to have had the chance to capture their personalities in photos! :)This was a father's day surprise for their Daddy- and their beautiful momma sat in on a few of them! Such a beautiful family!

{Camden & Carter} Brothers

Carter was one of my first kids shoots when he turned 2 and then Camden came along and I was able to shoot his newborn photos! Now these little boys are getting so big! Carter is 3 now and Camden is 1! They are absolutely precious! I'm so sad I won't be able to continue to document them growing up!

{Spokane, WA, Mostly by Night}

One of my secret loves is night photography... When we went to Spokane for our annual family hockey trip this year {GO CHIEFS!} I couldn't help but take advantage of all of the amazing shot opportunities!

{Crystal + Jeff} Engagement

One of my best friends got married to the perfect guy for her in June of this year and I was lucky enough to have been able to capture their engagement photos last December! It was so cold! But we had fresh snow and a clear sky, which made for the perfect backdrop! Love you guys!

{Boaz 1 yr}

This little boy is one of my favorite people in the whole world. His mom is one of my best friends and so of course, I usually always had free reign on his adorable little face! This was shortly after he turned 1 and he was SO preciously excited about the leaves he got to play in! He's one of the most intelligent, happy, kids I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and I can't believe he's so far away now! We love you Bo Bo!