Saturday, March 12, 2011

{Confession Time} Look Ma! No Hands!

Yes friends, I have a confession to make... what is that, you may I have only shot in RAW once before {well, now twice before} in my adventures as a photographer.

But I'm finally taking the plunge and going completely to RAW for the forseable future- I think this will be an amazing opportunity for growth in my photography and my editing... and I'm scared but excited!

I liken photography to learning how to ride a bike... with "Auto Settings" on {these would be the training wheels} it's easy to get a semi-decent shot, and you don't have to worry too much about under/over exposure and you have successfully preserved the memory. But when you take the camera off "Auto" and turn it to manual, you can begin to tell your camera what you would like it to do, how you would like it to capture the memory, and how you want to save it so you can really preserve the feeling of the moment later {this would be like learning how to ride your bike with no hands, or learning how to do tricks with it}. Anyone can ride a bike, but can they ride a bike off a jump with no hands?
Just like anyone can point a camera and shoot, can they really manipulate the camera to catch the emotion in a grooms face when they're seeing their bride for the first time as she walks down the isle? Enough to move the viewer of the photo and allow them to feel that emotion?

This is why I'm moving solely to RAW. To try and take that emotion to the next level. Look ma! No Hands!

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