Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not Slacking... Just Narrowing Down Ideas...

So I posted this self-inspiring blog post about how I was going to do a photo blog at least once a day to keep up my skills... And then I didn't post... SO... I'm not slacking, really.

The first day (Monday) I had the idea of taking photos of our pecan tree outside- so I did. And ended up with one semi-decent shot because the wind was blowing pretty hard... (And, I admit, I was standing outside in my pajamas...) So, this is what came of that:

What sparked that was Eric's dad visiting, and we discovered that our pecans are rotting from the inside out!? We knew they'd been falling and making ridiculously loud thumps on our tin roof in the middle of the night, but niether of us knows anything about cultivating a pecan tree or the signs that it might not be doing so well. 

So there they are in all of their green beauty. It's clear the leaves have seen better days- any pecan tree experts out there?

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