Friday, August 17, 2012

"Stay At Home Mom" Projects

I've decided, after all day moping around yesterday, boo-hooing about not having a structured schedule or work to make friends {whine whine whine}, and then missing a perfectly good photo opp this morning, that I need to make photo projects for myself. Either around the house, or around this cute little town. I'll make it a jump into photo journalism and it will keep my photo taking/editing skillZ up!

My would-have-been project for today should have been the random group of chickens that showed up in our back yard this morning. Not just a couple- a whole bunch! {After surveying the surrounding area, I think one of our next door neighbors has a chicken coop --> he let his chickens out --> they decided they like our back yard better than his perfectly manicured one... nbd.} 

Anyway. I'm doing this particular post so I have you folks to hold me accountable. I haven't made any acquaintances yet here- unless you count Eric's boss and his partner in all-things-marching-band {I don't so much, can you tell?}. 

ALSO- My brain is in pregnancy mode right now, so it ceases all normal function when I least expect it- so I could use some inspiration! So PLEASE, comment, comment, comment! I would love your ideas! I won't be using them in any particular order, and there's usually a method {very carefully, thought out, and orchestrated method} to my madness so bear with me if you submit something!

In the mean time, I'll leave you with this little gem:

This is one of my favorite memories of the Missoula Farmers Market. He's always out there with his accordion playing beautiful, italian-esque melodies. And always with a smile.

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  1. Find a volunteer opportunity :) There's bound to be lots around there!